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There's nothing cooler than a custom ice sculpture to enhance your special event. With my ice carving company, I have created thousands of sculptures over the years. I will work with you to design anything from ice. From dramatic and elegant, to fun and functional, my ice sculptures will compliment your special event. My clients are consistently thrilled with the quality of my work and the professionalism of my workers.

Contact me today to discuss an ice sculpture - I am happy to discuss any custom ideas that you want brought to life in ice!

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Take your special event to the next level with an impressive ice sculpture!
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About a Touch of Ice

Since 1996, people from New York, New Jersey, and the Tri-State area have been amazed by my ice creativity and professionalism. I have more than 30 years experience in the restaurant industry so I understand what it takes to run a successful event. I know that any event is made better with a beautiful ice sculpture.

I graduated from the Culinary Institure of America in 1987. Thereafter, I worked in the restaurant industry until I discovered my true passion for sculpting ice. Over the years, I have successfully competed in over a hundred competitions, large events, winter festivals, and ice art championships.


(917) 825-8700

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